Seashell Lifting Soap Dish

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You will love the style of this round soap dish made with seashells.  It was specifically designed and created to be a decorative addition to your bathroom while functionally extending the life of your artisan soap. The natural seashells will bring you back to the natural waterscapes of your favorite destinations.

Our unique design allows for 360-degree air circulation around your soap, preventing a soggy, soapy mess on your counter tops and sinks. Each dish is made from a durable resin and embedded with seashells, strategically placed to lift soap up and allow it to dry thoroughly between uses. Minimal contact between the soap and dish prevents your soap from getting "stuck" to its surface.  Soft silicone bumpers are secured to the bottom of the soap dish and are safe for every surface.

Each seashell is hand placed, making each dish unique. Because natural seashells are used, the size, shape, color, and pattern of each seashell may vary, causing variations between items.  The exact color/pattern/design of the item you receive may differ from the item pictured. 

This listing is for one soap dish, measuring approximately 4 inches diameter and approximately 1/2 inch thick (thickness varies due to the stone/shell size and may be slightly taller or shorter than the height listed here).